Umbrella Company

When working as a contractor, you are not employed by any given organization. As such, you are effectively working as a sole trader. This means that you have to handle certain paperwork by yourself. Further, this also means that you have to contact the HM Revenue and Customs office personally and make sure that you are legally compliant.

Fortunately, an umbrella company might be able to help you with both your paperwork and basic employee rights. If you’re a contractor and are interested in financial protection, the best place to start would be a self-employed umbrella company.

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Umbrella Services

Umbrella Payroll

An umbrella payroll service lets you process all of your national insurance deductions and PAYE all in one place. Since you’re working on a sole basis, this is one of the things you would otherwise have to process on your own.

Payroll Company

An experienced payroll company can check your historic records and help you make sense of all the deductions that the HMRC requires you to make. Additionally, umbrella protection will also make sure that you receive contract and employee rights from role to role.

PAYE Umbrella

PAYE umbrella services work to ensure that your contributions are processed as required. This will ensure that you will never have to be in contact with the HMRC for unpaid taxes or invoices.

In the meantime, the service will provide you with several benefits that you would expect or enjoy as an employee of an organisation.

The Best Umbrella Companies

In general, the best umbrella companies have decades of experience working with a wide range of contractors. One of the key reasons that our company is the leading provider of Umbrella finance and employee support services is that we are committed to our cause.

We have a fully qualified team, that takes pride in supporting our clients with great care. Our decades of experience mean that we deeply understand what our clients want from an umbrella accountancy firm.

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How Does an Umbrella Company Work?

Signing up with and working with an umbrella company is a rather straightforward process.

Self-Employed Umbrella Company

Self-Employed – umbrella services
We provide self-employment umbrella services for a huge variety of contractors to meet their needs and concerns.

If you’re working in an agency but are worried about losing track of your contributions, get in touch with a local CIS and payroll umbrella team at  Payroll Umbrella Services for help with managing your work finances.

IR35 Umbrella Company

This is government legislation that applies to tax, specifically “off-payroll”. This means that the HMRC can seek agency workers and contractors that need to pay contributions but have little to no means of doing so.

When you work with an IR35 umbrella company means that you will be able to make sure that your income and tax records are fully prepared for IR35.

Our company hosts a variety of IR35 payment solutions to suit different needs and payment histories.

You don’t need to worry about IR35 if you’re with a service that can handle the smaller points of finance on your behalf.